Lupit Pole Start Up Kit

Have you entered the exciting world of pole fitness looking for the best equipment solution to start

practicing at home?

Lupit Pole START-UP KIT sounds like the right choice for you! It consists of a range of products that make the perfect choice for home practice - safe training at a favourable price:

- LUPIT POLE CLASSIC, Stainless steel, 42mm, static/spin

Extendable for ceilings from 2100mm to 2800mm - basic kit

- LUPIT POLE CRASHMAT thickness 80mm, diameter 1500mm

Comes in the following colours: black, pink, silver and gold.

- LUPIT POLE GRIP to help reduce sweating hands

Solves the problem of wet, sweaty hands that can cause slippery grip on the & can be used to treat the surface of the dance pole for a better grip and to increase friction

Do you dream of running your own Pole studio? Or improving existing one?

Lupit Pole PRO equipment for studios includes:

- LUPIT POLE PRO, Stainless steel, 42mm/45mm, static/spin – one piece pole

It has been tailor-made for high ceilings (any ceiling height up to 4200mm) and provides smooth surface from top to bottom. No joints or seams for perfect smoothness of the pole surface.

- LUPIT POLE PRO CART has been engineered as s tool for a faster installation of LUPIT POLE PRO. It is made of stainless steel and other quality materials.

- LUPIT POLE PRO WALL HANGER offers a handy storage for poles, allows easier cleaning, maintenance and room safety for the dancers.

- LUPIT POLE PRO CRASH MAT, Diameter: 2500mm, Thickness: 200mm,

& LUPIT POLE CRASH MAT, Diameter: 1500mm, Thickness: 40 / 80 / 120 mm, Both products come in colours: black, pink, silver, gold.

- LUPIT POLE GRIP with desk display, with 20 pieces inside - specially created for studios

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